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An Album For Iggy!

by Various Artists

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I think about this a lot and the circumstances that revolved around it.
I was 21-22 years old
I worked 12-15 hours a week as a delivery driver for a pseudo healthy southwest Greek fusion restaurant.
I lived in downtown Phoenix, walking distance from all my favorite music venues, art galleries and coffee shops.

My living situation seemed to change every 4-6 months. First living in a 900 square foot house from the 1920s with 3 of my best friends and a new born baby, we called it the Lime or Lemon house. Then squatting in that house by myself without running water and stealing electricity when the house was foreclosed.. Then moving into a rundown Seventh Day Adventist recovery center with a rotating cast of roommates who were never home and two adorable kittens named Troll and White Lioness, we called this the Sun House. This house didn't have A/C, furniture, pots, pans or silverware but it did have 3 floors and a door that leads to nowhere, (it was great for house shows.) Then I moved into the back of my best friends candy/record store (Sweets & Beats) which did not have walls or privacy of any kind. I shared this living space with my poor best friends and their adorable baby and a very muscular Boston Terrier named Taumpy. I lived there until I moved into the Lime or Lemon House again with my new girlfriend which we rented from the new new owner who ended up being one of the worst people ever (but that's another story)

The point of talking about this is to give context to the type of magical/creative mind set and life we were living which inspired us to constantly create and grow. In 2008 my friends Emily and Elle were trying to think of something they could do to celebrate their child's upcoming 1st birthday and I suggested we organize a comp of all songs written for and about him. Most of the songs were recorded in the Lime or Lemon house where we were all living and some combination of the following people are a part of 11/16 of these tracks
-Emily Spetrino
-Elle Murtagh
-Tristan Jemsek
-Andrew Jemsek
-Ryan Avery
-Jon Kirby

And it was just such a wonderful period of friendship and creativity and this is just one of the many records we made during this time that only a handful of people have copies of and got to enjoy until now.

Iggy is going to be 13 years old this month and it seems like he has wanted to be a teenager since he was like 2-years old., now hes probably ready to just be an adult. He has always just been so cool for his age, even as a baby, its so funny how often people would see and interact with him and just be like "holy shit, this baby fucking rules!" If you have had the pleasure of hanging out with him, you know its true (or you might be real critical like "psh, he wasn't THAT cool" and if you are that way, you're just fucking lying to yourself)"


released December 1, 2008

Hi My Name Is Ryan on this recording is Ryan Avery, Tristan Jemsek, Andrew Jemsek and Robert Fronzo

Children Of Hell is Emily, Elle and Jon

Evergreen Medic is Michael Patterson

Dangerville is Michelle and Jose

Elle Murtagh is Elle Murtagh but also features a dozen other friends and family members singing along

Tristan Jemsek is Tristan Jemsek (I think he recorded everything himself, maybe with help from Andrew and Rob, I remember being there when we recorded it but I dont remember if anyone else played on this track)

JRC provided a field recording of a street performer in Los Angeles

Jaime J. Soto is all Jaime

Haunted Cologne is Andrew and Tristan Jemsek with backup vocals provided by Ryan Avery

Jon Kirby is all Jon

M.C. Steph is everyone from the Lime or Lemon house singing/rapping a song that Stephanie Carrico wrote

Da & Woo are Iggy grandparents singing a David Bowie song

The Bottle Caps is John and Liz Tavarez


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